Advocate, Educate and Legislate

SEEK's Mission to Advocate, Educate and Legislate

SEEK believes that an appropriate special education is an extension of one’s civil rights, so it is SEEK's mission to break down barriers in special education and  increase equity and opportunity for children with disabilities.

SEEK is the first and only organization made up of parents, educational professionals, special education advocates and attorneys created to influence policy discussion and shape legislative efforts on behalf of students with disabilities in Connecticut.   While there  are a number of groups in the state of Connecticut who lobby on behalf  of children who have disabilities, none of them represent parents of  children who have disabilities.  SEEK fills that void.

SEEK also offers educational opportunities through conferences for parents to help them reduce the barriers that they face when advocating for their children.

SEEK's legislative mission to serve as an advocate before the Connecticut State Legislature, the Connecticut State Government, the federal Congress and agencies, and the courts on behalf of the rights of students with disabilities, their families, and those who serve and advocate for them.  


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When we see Injustice, we react

As an example.......

On September 7, 2016, Judge Thomas Moukawsher issued a lengthy and highly controversial decision in the case of CCJEF v. Rell, a challenge to the way education is funded in Connecticut.  In the course of his decision, Judge Moukawsher suggested that state funding be reduced or eliminated for certain students who are too disabled to make significant educational progress.  The folks who would soon form SEEK filed an amicus brief with the Connecticut Supreme Court, including affidavits from a dozen parents of students who might have been written off by their school systems.  The Supreme Court reversed Judge Moukawsher's decision on other grounds.  Thankfully, due to SEEK and other disability advocacy groups who spoke against  Judge  Moukawsher's decision, his idea of reserving robust services for only those students without significant disabilities was never realized.

SEEK President, Julie Swanson was one of the parents who provided an affidavit.

SEEK President, Julie Swanson was one of the parents who provided an affidavit.


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