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Advocacy, education and Legislation

SEEK's Mission: to Advocate, Educate and Legislate

There  are a number of groups in the state of Connecticut who lobby on behalf  of children who have disabilities, but none represent parents of  children who have disabilities.  That’s why we created SEEK of CT.  Special Education Equity for Kids of Connecticut plays an essential  role in influencing policies and legislative efforts on behalf of  students with disabilities.  SEEK  will also offer parents advocacy tools essential for securing appropriate special education services. 

You'll Be In Good Company

Meet other parents, professionals and advocates in the special education community.  By signing up with SEEK of CT  you will meet other parents and professionals who share SEEK's passion for equity in special education.

We SEEK......


We SEEK Justice and Equity

Special education is a civil right.  With the united voices of parents, professionals and advocates, we strive to play an essential role identifying injustice in special education and setting the course right.  We're in this to fix what's not working and secure solutions for inequities in special eduction.


We SEEK to Advocate, Educate and Legislate

Through SEEK conferences, we will provide educational opportunities on understanding your special education rights and other special education matters.

Through our advocacy and lobbying efforts, we will even the playing field in representing students with disabilities with the goal of providing equality through legislative change in special education.


We SEEK Your Voice

SEEK can't do it without you!  We rely on parents, education professionals and advocates for children with disabilities.  We SEEK your voice and participation.

We SEEK Your support

With more than 80,000 special education students in Connecticut, it's vital for SEEK to continue to grow it's base of parents, professionals and special education advocates.   

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