About the Bill

Due to their disabilities, students with IEPs disproportionately exhibit  maladaptive behavior. Dealing with these behavior issues is a delicate  matter. This has led to conflict between teachers and administrators,  whereby teachers want to exclude disruptive students from their  classrooms and administrators feel the need to return the student to his  or her class. This conflict produced P.A. 18-89, a bill passed at the  end of the last session that was vetoed by Governor Malloy. SEEK opposed  this legislation and has attempted to provide input to the task force  working on a compromise proposal. SEEK-CT seeks a provision ensuring  that any child who is so disruptive that the teacher seeks to eject  him/her from the classroom more than once in a year is referred to a PPT  for evaluation for special education. Further, the IDEA provisions on  continuation of services need to guide the treatment of any disruptive  child.