Educational Evaluations

Parents and their private psychologists, educational  consultants, and other service providers need to be able to observe the  educational programs of their children in school in order to be full  participants on their child’s team and in order to understand whether  their child has an appropriate educational program. Many school  districts unfairly block or limit such observations. While this is a  matter that the State Board of Education directed the State Department  of Education to address, the CSDE recently issued guidance which has  made the situation worse. SEEK-CT plans to develop legislation to  correct this problem.

Federal regulations provide  the opportunity for children with disabilities to have Independent  Educational Evaluations (IEEs) at public expense when the parents  disagree with a school evaluation. An expert evaluation is an essential  instrument to ensure that a student with a disability has an appropriate  program. Especially for parents of limited means, the IEE permits their  participation in the special education process, by having the cost of  such evaluation funded by the school district. Unfortunately, CSDE  issued guidance on IEEs last year that has made such evaluations less  available to children with disabilities. We need legislation to correct  this and to keep the focus on the needs of children, rather than the  interests of adults.