Individualized Education Plans

About the Bill

Each student with a disability is provided with an  Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that sets forth the promised  services to the student to permit the student to make meaningful  education progress over the next year. The IEP is intended to be  developed in a collaborative process between the school and the parents.  SEEK is concerned about any legislative initiatives that undermine the  individualized nature of the educational programs.  

For  that reason, SEEK is concerned about the legislative initiative to  create a Special Education Predictable Cost Cooperative. The proposal is  for the creation of an insurance company to provide predictability for  school districts in their special education budgets. SEEK opposes the  establishment of a Cost Cooperative. If such a cooperative were set up,  SEEK would seek language ensuring that the insurance company would have  no ability to question an IEP developed pursuant to the IDEA. Further,  the administrative costs of the Cooperative would need to be new money  and not funds recycled from limited special education budgets. And, all  communications between a school district and the Cooperative relating to  a student’s IEP would need to be available to the parent of the child.